Resistance Band Set (3PK)

£12.99 £19.99

Product Description

A perfect addition to your gym kit. With one light, one medium and one heavy resistance band, you have everything you need for a killer glute workout.

  • 3 pack of resistance bands
  • Carry bag included 
  • 1x Heavy Resistance, 1x Medium Resistance, 1x Light Resistance 
  • Non slip 
  • Premium fabric 
  • 85% Cotton 15% Latex Silk

Customer Reviews

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These are a great product for anyone who is looking for that little bit of challenge in their workouts. I use these to strengthen my legs and booty when I just want to have a quick workout without going all the way to the gym. They are excellent quality for the money they are sold at and will definitely keep me motivated!

The only thing would be when I opened the packaging, I got a bad smell of some kind coming from the actual bands, but now I have used them a couple of times the smell seems to have gone away so maybe the smell was just from the transportation.

Nevertheless, does not get rid of the quality of the product and would 110% recommend!!!

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